Studio 840 Photography | Bailey & Jaye | Maybee, MI Engagement Session

Bailey & Jaye | Maybee, MI Engagement Session

June 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

Where do I even begin with this one.....

I've known Bailey since the 8th grade. She was my "little sister" in cheerleading so we had to give each other bags of candy and make signs for each others' lockers on game days. We were so cool that we even came up with this amazing dance move we did at all of our school dances which involved ending with the splits. (Side note: We tried this dance again last summer and no I can't do the splits anymore.) I have PLENTY of embarrassing photos of Bailey & I, but I won't share those on here!

For those of you who don't know Bailey - you may have seen her as a hashtag on our Facebook page #WeddingsWithBailey! The reason being that Bailey and I shared a common interest throughout school: photography. We worked together on our school newspaper and yearbook and were both editors. In fact, Bailey bought my first professional camera from me since I was a year ahead of her in school. She now owns her own studio in our hometown of Ida, Michigan called B. Artistry Photography by Bailey Setzler (Bailey-you're going to have to change that name next year!) . Bailey invites me along to be her second shooter at weddings and vice versa when Wes can't make some of the ones we have booked locally! Needless to say I love getting to spend more time with Bailey than I normally would because of a shared interest!

You should probably check out her website or like her on Facebook!

Anyway back to the more important thing - Bailey & Jaye's engagement! Now Bailey has been with Jaye for what seems like forever. I honestly don't know how long because I can't remember a time without Jaye being in her life after high school! I remember shooting a wedding with Bailey right after Wes and I got engaged and thinking "I bet Jaye is going to propose soon." Well sure enough here I am at the Christmas in Ida parade and am looking for Bailey's float. I finally see her and make eye contact as she waves her hand in the air at me backwards. It took me a minute and I ran up to her and realized OMG HE FINALLY DID IT! Turns out Jaye had just proposed to her in front of everyone during the pre-parade concert! Unfortunately, I wasn't near the concert to have witnessed it, but there were photos and videos and it was adorable! Aren't these two just perfect?!

One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that Jaye and Bailey both come from farming families. Bailey had planned to go take some photos up in the loft of their barn. It was a little dark up there, but we made it work! Not to mention, they raise lambs and of course Wes had to make friends with one. If only I had a video of that! How sweet is this, though!?

Now I have to admit I am a stickler for a good ring shot. We just so happened to find the most perfect tree with absolutely stunning flowers for Bailey's ring shot. P.S. Nice work, Jaye, on that bling!

So Bailey also had some awesome ideas including old family signs they had....check this one out! Couldn't you imagine this picture above their mantel?

Now our last stop for the day was at a park in Monroe, Michigan. I have to share a funny story because it's kind of a staple thing to do when we go back to Monroe. I promised Wes we would get chili dogs from Monroe's Original Hot Dog's. For those who aren't from Monroe - there are two hot dog stands: Monroe's Original and Vince's. It's kind of just as serious an argument as OSU vs Michigan. You either hate one and love the other or you don't have a preference either way. There is not a single person I know who likes both equally. I grew up loving Monroe's Original and am a devout fan, while Bailey and Jaye grew up with Vince's. We all were planning to go to lunch together and Bailey had told Jaye that we were going to Monroe's Original. So Jaye asked Wes if he ever had Vince's before and tells him how great it is. When we got to the 2nd location for pictures Jaye got out of the truck holding a chili dog! Turns out his brother-in-law had just showed up at their house with a whole box so Jaye brought one for Wes to try. It was purely an amazing coincidence. For those wondering, we ended up going to Vince's for lunch with Bailey & Jaye and we took home some Monroe's Original for dinner. If you're wondering which one Wes preferred- it was still Monroe's, but he would eat Vince's if he had no choice.

This is from the park in Monroe for the last few shots before lunch. I know this isn't in color, but I just love this shot and had to share.

Overall, we had an awesome day spending time with Bailey & Jaye and the weather could not have been more beautiful! These two could not be more perfect for each other and we cannot wait for their summer 2017 wedding! Thanks again for asking us to be there in capturing your 'I Do's', guys! We'll be sure to get you a gift card to Vince's as a wedding gift :) 


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