Victor & Jenny | Maumee, OH Engagement

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What do I even say about these two? I met Victor just over 3 years ago when I started my new job. We worked a 5am shift together talking to a bunch of British people all obviously our team had to have fun. We were probably the annoying ones from our team...not gonna lie. We talked football, were sarcastic and told terrible dad jokes to our coworkers.  You probably would think based on that sentence that Wes is writing this blog....nope!!!!! If you don't know me you don't know that I'm not a girly girl and would rather watch football than do my hair. So transitioning to hair.....I need tips from Jenny cause her hair looked BALLER at their engagement session! 

I had never met Jenny up until that day, but I felt like I knew her since I had heard so much about her since the day they started dating. After spending 15 minutes with these two I realized how perfect Jenny is for Victor. She puts up with his crap and gives it right back to him...which is exactly the type of woman he needs! I was trying to think of a way to describe that to Victor without making it sound like Jenny wears the pants and bruising his ego...although I'm sure he would readily admit she is the boss haha. The best way I could think is that they are like Sour Patch Kids because they're sour to each other (jokingly of course) then are super sweet. This little collage sums it up perfectly:

That face Victor is making on the left....he used to turn around and stare at one of our coworkers at 6am and scare the crap out of her. It is just as creepy as it seems....I promise. Jenny - you are the real MVP here for putting up with that on a regular basis haha!

Seriously though, aren't they just totes adorbs? (That comment was all because I know you love that speak, Victor)

They really couldn't be more perfect...and that ring couldn't either! You did good in picking out two perfect items, sir!

I love how much fun these two have with each other......

Congrats, Victor & Jenny! Thank you so much for asking us to be there for this amazing moment in your lives! We can't wait until your wedding next fall....cheers to you both!


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