Studio 840 Photography: Blog en-us (C) Studio 840 Photography (Studio 840 Photography) Wed, 16 May 2018 19:26:00 GMT Wed, 16 May 2018 19:26:00 GMT Studio 840 Photography: Blog 120 120 Sarah & Ron | Findlay, OH Engagement So to start off I just once again have to apologize to Ron & Sarah for being 20 minutes late to their engagement session! I was editing a wedding and somehow missed my alert I had set. This was the first time it has ever happened and I am incredibly embarrassed and ashamed! On a positive note...they were incredibly understanding and LOOK HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE!!!!!

One thing I always like to do is ask my couples how they met. The story of Ron & Sarah is incredible....they have known each other basically forever as their mothers used to work together and were good friends. They went their separate ways and BAM ended up together in the end. How amazing is that!? These two are obviously head over heels for each other....not to mention they win the award for the only couple to hold a kiss longer than 3 seconds for a photo.

Not only are they good at going above and beyond with following instructions, but they also were a BLAST to be around! They both had jokes coming out left and right towards each other and even a few toward me. If this is any indication of how their wedding will just may want to crash it!

Congratulations again, Ron & Sarah! I can't wait to photograph your wedding later this year! Sorry folks, I'm not sharing any information about the date just in case you try to crash. Don't worry though, I will have about 12 alerts set as reminders ;)

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Carlina & Garett | Lima, OH Wedding I have no words for these two.....they are two of the most caring people you will ever meet. Their vows had just about every single person in attendance in tears (thanks a lot, you two). There's not much I can really say about Garett & Carlina except for how perfect they are for each other. They withstood being thousands of miles apart for the majority of their relationship - never living in the same state and sometimes not even the same timezone! I'm sure there were many times when they both thought about how easy it would be to just throw in the towel, but they persevered. Nowadays people give up too easily, they have a problem and instead of asking Vanilla Ice to help solve it, they give up. Thankfully, Garett & Carlina fought off any obstacle in their way and ended up with each other. They've since moved away from their families to continue pursuing Garett's dream job and Carlina has stood by her man no matter what. That's what makes my favorite picture from their wedding so moving.......

These two are not only kind, they have humor like nobody else. I've heard them tell jokes that only one finds funny and the other one just smiles along while their significant other is in tears from laughter. Luckily, the one thing we have in common is our love for Friends. Garett somehow was able to sneak a Friends reference into his vows so of course I had to have him sneak in this for Carlina.....


And just because I can't share one without the's for you, Garett!

Lastly, one of the most beautiful moments of every wedding is usually the father/daughter dance. I knew this one would be extra special because it is Tim's baby girl and last of the kids to get married off. Seriously, could they BE any more precious?!

Alright, alright, I'll give you one more to make you hungry....

Congratulations again, Mr. & Mrs. Mansfield! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day! We love you!!!


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Jenny & Victor | Maumee, OH Wedding "Here's to swiping right!" That was the theme of the night for Victor & Jenny! If ever you've thought that meeting someone on a dating app wasn't going to work - just meet these two. In case you can't tell by the look on their faces below, they truly do go together like peas & carrots....see our Facebook page if you don't know what we're referring to...or watch a classic movie every once in awhile ;). 

The day started out with pouring rain in Maumee at the church Jenny grew up in...which just happens to be a few blocks from where Victor & Jenny live. The rain couldn't stop these two from having a beautiful ceremony and even from taking the party bus to one of their favorite local hangouts for a few beers and pool, followed by hanging out on the rooftop bar at the Renaissance in downtown Toledo. That's where this epic photo came into is MUCH colder in this photo than they look so HUGEEEEEEEEEE props to these two for holding still this long for me!

The night ended at the train station in downtown Toledo where they had a reception filled with lots of fun and laughter...and maybe a few spills on the dance floor. We won't post the pictures of that though ;)

I just have to share one more photo that melted my heart....the relationship between Jenny & her father is ADORABLE. Congrats, Victor & Jenny! Thanks again for allowing us to capture your beautiful moments. We hope you're having an AMAZING time in Ireland. (P.S. I'm also super jealous - if you find something with my name on it, please send me a picture since my name is Gaelic and I can NEVER find anything here in the States!)

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Kevin & Stephanie | Marion, OH Engagement Very rarely do I have an engagement shoot where we could potentially be swept away by a tornado, in fact, I've never had one of those....until now. We were watching the weather days in advance and saw the forecast progressively get worse...first rain, then thunderstorms & strong winds, followed by hail...and on the day of tornado watches!!! Luckily we managed to dodge them completely during the photo shoot and only got hit by small amounts of rain right at the end. (I of course got hit by a monsoon on my drive home from Marion, but it kept me on my toes haha!)

Anyways, I've known Stephanie for probably 7 or 8 years now. Her sister, Kayla, and I worked together at Family Video when I was living in Dayton. Kayla and I instantly bonded over our love of ridiculous things and after a few group outings for karaoke at Adobe Gilas (may the bar RIP), I also met her sister, Stephanie! It had been years since I've seen either of them, but after spending time with Stephanie for her and Kevin's engagement photos it was like we had just seen each other yesterday! I'm so glad we were able to connect again and that they hired us to photograph their wedding!

Kevin & Stephanie were the perfect clients - despite the cold, windy weather they never once complained. You would never know it by looking at them, but there's an 80% chance they're freezing here...

Not to mention Stephanie walked what was probably at least a mile downtown in heels. Can you say hero? Of course we got some gorgeous shots so it was worth it (at least I hope she feels the same way)!

We had all sorts of ridiculous moments, but my absolute favorite part of the day was when I told them to look serious and Stephanie said "she wants us to smize!" And smize she did....damn, girl, you got it!

Thanks again, Kevin & Stephanie, for choosing us to capture your love! We're looking forward to your wedding next summer!!!!

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Sarah & Tyler | Bowling Green, OH Wedding Tyler & Sarah had a beautiful late October wedding with their ceremony being held at their home church in Bowling Green. It was perfectly cozy and amazing to see how much love and support these two lovebirds have from their friends and family. It was evident how much these two care about each other to everyone, especially during their first dance. I promise I wasn't tearing up during their first dance together and with their parents....I just had something in my eye....seriously though, how precious are they?!

After the ceremony we ventured out to Sidecut Metropark in Maumee for photos where it was absolutely freezing and starting to get dark, but we managed to salvage the last few minutes of light for some group photos. The evening kicked off at The Premier in Maumee where a beautiful reception, delicious dinner and non-stop dancing happened. They had one of the most energetic group of guests I've ever seen....look at how packed this dance floor was!

I think my favorite touch of the evening was their cake topper that incorporated their beloved dog, Jasper, since he wasn't allowed to be at the venue!

Congratulations again, Tyler & Sarah! We were so honored to be part of your special day and wish you ultimate happiness in your future!


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Leah & Dave | Findlay, OH Engagement It's not very often that I can say I knew about my client's engagement before they did, but in Leah's case I was in the know. We had the honor of photographing her sister, Julia's, wedding earlier this year. While having my prep call with Julia she mentioned that her sister's boyfriend was going to be proposing shortly after the wedding - so we needed to find a way to make sure he was in family photos without Leah getting suspicious. We quickly came together with a plan to take a few without Dave then add him in. Leah can correct me if she was suspicious, but it seemed like it worked  ;)

One of my favorite things about Julia & Philip's wedding was seeing how Philip adored Julia. It is no different with Leah and Dave. I remember being in the room while the girls were getting ready and their mother said a prayer over Julia thanking God for sending wonderful men for her daughters. You honestly couldn't hand pick any better matches than the ones her daughters have. I could tell in just the short few hours I spent with them, that Leah & Dave are absolutely perfect for each other. They are both easy going, fun and energetic. Not to mention Dave had been getting over a cold and wasn't feeling the best, but he drove down from Michigan just for their engagement photos. Considering having a cold is generally the end of the world for most men, that just shows his dedication to their relationship. Seriously though, how cute are they?

These two could light up a room the second they walk in together....I barely had to tell them what to do they just went along with whatever and threw in their own touches. You would think by looking at the below that Dave was telling Leah a funny joke or whispering sweet nothings, but nope he was definitely making a growling noise to get her to laugh. Obviously these two have fun together!

This last one is one of my absolute favorites from this session! 

Leah & Dave - Congratulations on your engagement! We can't wait to be there to capture your vows next year and we are so glad to be able to spend more time with the Zelinsky family! Thanks for thinking of us again :)

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more photos and make sure you "like" us so you don't miss their upcoming wedding photos!

-Colleen & Wes

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Garett & Carlina| Defiance, OH Engagement Where to even begin with these two.....I first met Carlina in 2012 when her brother invited me to his family Thanksgiving since I had to work that night and wasn't able to go home for the holiday. Fast forward 5 years later and here we are - I'm married to her brother and have a handsome baby boy, and my little sister in law, partner in crime in wine drinking (and opening) and fellow Friends lover is getting married to the man of her dreams! These two have not had an easy relationship in the sense that they have lived in completely different states for the majority of their relationship. I'm thoroughly impressed with how well they both handled it and how they never gave up even when they had to go months without seeing each other. 

Seriously, could these two BE any more perfect for each other?!

I remember the first time Carlina brought Garett around to a family gathering. At first I wasn't sure because he seemed so quiet....then I hung out with just the two of them one time and I saw how perfect they were for each other. I believe it was a random moment when Carlina tried to steal some food from Garett's plate once and he yelled "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" that I knew this was forever. Garett even has Carlina liking Star you know he's a keeper.

Despite the rain and wind, we couldn't have asked for a better day for their engagement photos. I'm so excited for their St. Patrick's Day wedding next year! 

Your love is based on giving and receiving, as well as having and sharing. And the love that you give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving we too can share and love and have and receive.

Carlina - You're the little sister I've always wanted. You're kind, sincere, strong, independent, goofy and always there for me when I need someone to vent to or just need to quote Friends with. You are the best aunt we could ever have for Eli and of course doggie aunt for Guinness. We love you so much and can't wait to see you live out your future goals!

Garett - Even though we rarely get to see you, the time we do get to spend with you is always entertaining. You make THE best Chandler face I've ever seen...maybe even better than Matthew Perry himself. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you for always treating Carlina with the respect and love she deserves and for always telling her how proud you are of her. We are so glad we can officially welcome you into the family in just a few short months!


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Corey & Courtney | Ida, MI Wedding It's always a fun time when you get to go back home to photograph a wedding! (It also makes it much easier to already know the names of the entire bridal party) Courtney & Corey had a destination wedding in Punta Cana and had absolutely GORGEOUS photos taken down there on the beach. I don't know how I could ever compare to those, but hopefully you guys like what we got from your reception!

Since we had a good amount of time before the reception started, we were able to take some awesome shots of the girls all together and some detail shots. P.S. Good job on the ring, Corey!

Now for those of you who don't know Corey, like most guys, he hates getting his photo taken. Luckily, the girls made him feel more comfortable.....

Then of course the guys had to make sure Courtney didn't feel left out.....

Courtney you looked absolutely stunning ---and Corey (even though you didn't remember your tie clip) you cleaned up nicely. Congrats to you both on your marriage and best wishes for your future! If your favorite team winning on your reception day isn't a sign that you will have a great marriage, I don't know what is!

Thanks again for allowing us to capture this special day with you! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for additional images from Courtney & Corey's big day!

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Jaye & Bailey | Maybee, MI Wedding As many weddings as we have photographed together, it is crazy to think that within a year Bailey & I were both in front of the camera for our own weddings! I'm so happy to have been there to capture this special day for someone who was like a little sister to me in school. 

It was a perfect day out as Bailey & Jaye tied the knot! These two worked so hard and literally put blood, sweat and tears into sprucing up the family farm for their reception. Walking around their venue, it was abundantly clear how much thought they put into every detail. Just look at this setup!!

Of course no country wedding would be complete without a goat being given to the bride & groom!

Now for those who know Bailey you will think this picture describes her perfectly. For those who don't know Bailey - she is one of the hardest working women I know. She is constantly busy and (like myself) she always has to keep busy and is definitely into multi-tasking. 

Bailey made a beautiful bride and was absolutely stunning!

And so did Jaye.....

Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Biniecki! I'm so glad you two are finally hitched (and that Bailey finally updated her last name on Facebook haha)

We wish you guys the best and hope for many baby Biniecki's....and by that we mean lambs...and babies. Let's face it, Eli, needs a friend to hang out with that understands the life of a photographer mom ;) and I'm sure we aren't the first to mention kids to you haha!!!!!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from this wedding and their engagement! Be sure to "like" us while you're there!


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Julia & Philip | Findlay, OH Wedding Our first wedding of 2017 was that of Philip & Julia here in Findlay. It was not only our first wedding of 2017, but our first event since our son was born (and my first time leaving him for more than an hour). This mommy was soooo nervous for both leaving the baby AND shooting a wedding. It was a super humid day, I was slightly sleep deprived and I was wearing a dress to try and stay cool (which I never wear regularly much less when photographing weddings). I kept thinking "what if I trip and fall and my dress flies up and I ruin their wedding"....luckily that didn't happen and I didn't moon anybody (that I know of!)

Their big day started at Gateway Church out by Liberty Benton schools with a gorgeous ceremony in which their officiant spoke so highly of both the bride and groom. He discussed how they care for their community by being in the military and nursing. If that doesn't tell you how kind and caring this couple is, you can just look at this image of their "not first look" shot.

The genuine love that these two have for each other is so evident just from looking at them interact. All I have to do is ask them to look at each other and they make each other smile instantly!


Oh and did I mention the entire bridal party and their families were AMAZING at following directions?! I'm pretty sure I didn't even get halfway through my sentence one time and Julia was already in the pose I was telling her to do...that is the type of client photographers can only dream of! They also were all so natural in front of the camera.

The bridal party was so much fun and there was never a dull moment. Even when we got to the Findlay Inn for the reception they had the party going right away. Julia & Philip's guests did NOT disappoint - there was so much dancing going on that we didn't know which direction to start taking photos! It truly was a reception where you wish you were a guest and not a vendor. Congratulations again, Mr. & Mrs. Jewett! We hope you had safe travels and wish you the best on the next step of your journey as husband and wife. Thank you again for allowing us to capture your big day!

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Laura & Wells | Findlay, OH Wedding Words cannot describe how wonderful Laura & Wells' day was! It was a bit chilly, but overall a gorgeous and sunny fall day which went perfectly with the colors they chose. I had a great time getting to know this couple and their loved ones as my assistant, Matt, and I basically stalked them throughout the day capturing everything!

They had one of the most fun bridal parties ever and you could just feel the love within their group.

And I have to give props to Laura because she stood out there without a jacket for quite a long time and never once complained! By the looks of it you can't even tell that she was probably freezing.....

Their reception was a blast and their guests were out dancing all really....there was never an awkward moment where nobody was on the dance floor! They definitely kept me on my toes and I didn't know what to expect next from the DJ or the guests. Great job on putting together such an amazing event you two! Matt and I had a great time spending the day with you and your loved ones and all of us here at Studio 840 wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! With a love like yours I know you won't have a problem with that :)

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Philip & Julia| Findlay, OH Engagement I have to start off by saying these two deserve a medal for the obstacles they went through for engagement pictures! Not only did they drive from 2+ hours away on the weekend before Thanksgiving, but they also withstood 30 degree weather and chilling winds. Looking at their pictures, you would've never known how cold they actually were. Julia & Philip were champions! Seriously, they don't even look cold at all!!

Julia and I had been communicating via email for quite a few months and had not actually met in person since they live out of town. I'm always afraid clients aren't going to be themselves in front of the camera if we have never met, but these two had no problems feeling comfortable! I like to learn a little bit about our couples during our time together and was amazed to find out these two met in high school. It's not every day you meet young couples who have known each other that is such a cool story for these two to tell their future children! How perfect are they?

Despite the cold weather, it was a great day getting to know Philip & Julia a little better! I absolutely can't wait until their wedding next summer....especially since it will be my first wedding since November and I will be itching to get back into wedding season. Luckily, I can just look back at pictures like this stunning ring to hold me over ;)

Congratulations, you two!! Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you again in 2017 for your big day!!!

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Victor & Jenny | Maumee, OH Engagement What do I even say about these two? I met Victor just over 3 years ago when I started my new job. We worked a 5am shift together talking to a bunch of British people all obviously our team had to have fun. We were probably the annoying ones from our team...not gonna lie. We talked football, were sarcastic and told terrible dad jokes to our coworkers.  You probably would think based on that sentence that Wes is writing this blog....nope!!!!! If you don't know me you don't know that I'm not a girly girl and would rather watch football than do my hair. So transitioning to hair.....I need tips from Jenny cause her hair looked BALLER at their engagement session! 

I had never met Jenny up until that day, but I felt like I knew her since I had heard so much about her since the day they started dating. After spending 15 minutes with these two I realized how perfect Jenny is for Victor. She puts up with his crap and gives it right back to him...which is exactly the type of woman he needs! I was trying to think of a way to describe that to Victor without making it sound like Jenny wears the pants and bruising his ego...although I'm sure he would readily admit she is the boss haha. The best way I could think is that they are like Sour Patch Kids because they're sour to each other (jokingly of course) then are super sweet. This little collage sums it up perfectly:

That face Victor is making on the left....he used to turn around and stare at one of our coworkers at 6am and scare the crap out of her. It is just as creepy as it seems....I promise. Jenny - you are the real MVP here for putting up with that on a regular basis haha!

Seriously though, aren't they just totes adorbs? (That comment was all because I know you love that speak, Victor)

They really couldn't be more perfect...and that ring couldn't either! You did good in picking out two perfect items, sir!

I love how much fun these two have with each other......

Congrats, Victor & Jenny! Thank you so much for asking us to be there for this amazing moment in your lives! We can't wait until your wedding next fall....cheers to you both!

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Sarah & Tyler | Findlay, OH Engagement Session For engagement sessions I try not to get as sappy with my blog posts. Sorry if they seem short and sweet compared to some of the wedding posts. This is partly because we are still getting to know the couples and by the time they get married I promise I get all kinds of emotions out during my wedding blogging!

I didn't know either of this pair before their engagement session. This can sometimes be challenging for both the couple and the photographer because you never know how to interact. Sarah & Tyler came down to Findlay so we could utilize one of the last days of beautiful fall colors for their session...and let me tell you they were the easiest people to get along with! We definitely lucked out and had a GORGEOUS day out with amazing colors as well. Clearly, the love between these two is radiant from the moment you see them together!

They also brought their dog, Jasper, along for some photos - even Jasper can't wait for his humans to get married!! P.S. Jasper may have tried to steal the show...he was definitely auditioning for ring bearer status.

We are so thrilled to be able to capture these special times in Sarah & Tyler's lives...and of course we cannot wait until their wedding next year!! Congrats on your engagement - see you both in 2017 :)




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Seth & Casey | Findlay, OH Wedding A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Seth & Casey. When I met with Casey and her Mom I knew it was a perfect match. After putting together a few details, I realized I went to college with the sister of the groom - such a small world! I'm pretty sure we sat at the coffee house for way longer than necessary discussing the wedding, but I was also a bride-to-be myself so I could totally relate to what Casey was going through with trying to plan a wedding in less than a year! The story of how they met on a blind date is absolutely adorable. If you could've heard the speeches their parents made at the reception, you would see just how wonderful these two are and how they truly are a match made in heaven. 

The ceremony was at downtown St. Michael's Catholic Church which has a beauty of it's own! The outside is gorgeous and a photographer's dream. How perfect is this location for a dress shot?

After the ceremony we took a quick detour to the gorgeous Starry Night mural where we took engagement photos of these two! Of course we also had to get a few fun shots since this was an incredibly fun bridal party......That was totally Seth's idea by the way. He pretty much did anything we could've asked him to and then some. They basically were the perfect clients.

Luckily, we had time before the reception to get a few shots of just the newlyweds. Their venue, Alexandria's, was the perfect location to get a few downtown shots before they had to get back to their busy evening!

Seriously, how adorable are they?

Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Wurm! We were so honored to be part of your special day and wish you the very best in your future! And Seth...Wes still wants to get his beard as epic as yours.


-Colleen & Wes


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Welby & Madeline | Swanton, OH Wedding Last month I had the honor of photographing my brother-in-law's wedding. Having gotten married just a month before them, I knew how stressful the day was going to be for both Welby and his beautiful bride, Madeline. Wes is usually photographing with me, but he was in this wedding so I was a little nervous. Luckily, I was able to arrange for my good friend Bailey to come help! Between the two of us I hope we helped things run as smoothly as possible - I know my photographer and DJ were lifesavers on my wedding day!

Welby and Madeline got married at an old Catholic church in Swanton, Ohio. The stunning architecture and history of this church was the perfect place for this couple to get married in. Sadly, it downpoured immediately after we finished pictures inside the church. Luckily, we had about 15 minutes before the reception where it stopped we took them out in downtown Defiance for a few quick shots! I'm so glad we did this because they are some of my favorite shots of the day!

Seriously - how adorable are they?

The guests at their reception also had a great time - to protect the identities of those dancing away later in the night- I'll just share the excitement on these kids' faces. They tell it all!

Congratulations, Welby and Madeline! We're so happy for you both and thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding day! We wish you a life full of happiness, love and lots of nieces and/or nephews for us ;)

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Logan & Clara | Findlay, OH Wedding Where do I even begin for these two? Clara & Logan are pretty much the most perfect couple you will ever meet. The joy and love they have for not only each other, but those around them is purely amazing. The happiness they share is contagious when you're around this pair.

Logan & Clara's big day started at Findlay E-Free Church with a beautiful ceremony led by Logan's pastor from back home. Hearing stories from the pastor about this beautiful couple truly revealed just how much love and faith surrounded these two. Not to mention Clara looked beautiful in her gorgeous dress! (Of course you cleaned up nicely as well, Logan!)

The reception at Alexandria's Gastropub in Downtown Findlay was purely perfection! You could tell how much time and attention Clara & Logan put in to planning their perfect day. The dessert table was to die for!

I knew these two had a fun side, but I had no idea their entire reception would be ready to party! Their families especially were so much fun to watch interact with each other on the dance floor - it was as if they had all known each other for ages! Sadly, they had to end their night, but of course they had one more awesome idea up their cool is this!?

Congratulations again, Logan & Clara! We wish you both a life full of love and happiness! Wes and I are so glad to have met you and to have shared in your special day!

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Becca & Matt | Findlay, OH Engagement Session Just short of two weeks ago we met with Becca & Matt for their engagement session. The day before it rained something awful and I was super nervous about the weather for the next day. The sky wasn't the prettiest, but they got the best weather - no humidity and no rain! 

I have to admit I'm always a bit nervous meeting clients I've never actually met before. There's always that awkward moment of "Hey, I know we've never met each other, but I'm going to make you stand in really unnatural poses, am going to tell you really stupid jokes to try and make you laugh and oh by the way I'm going to follow you around like a stalker with a camera."  I'm always afraid I'm going to have clients who don't warm up after the first few minutes, but I've always had clients who are basically naturals in front of the camera. Just look at how natural they are!

We had such a great time with these two and they didn't complain once! Not even when I made them play frogger and stand in the middle of a bridge!

I have to admit I am a little sad that we won't be there to see these two wonderful people tie the knot. I am TOTALLY jealous that they are getting married in Florida next July! I imagine their scenery will look 10x more gorgeous than this, but it's the closest thing to a beach Findlay has haha!

Now Becca & Matt did confess to me they had practiced their serious faces....I would say they nailed them.....

Thank you so much for asking us to take your engagement photos! Wes and I were thrilled to have met you both! Congratulations on your beach wedding next summer - I know it will be beautiful just like your love!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a few more previews! While you're there give our page a "like"!

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Bailey & Jaye | Maybee, MI Engagement Session Where do I even begin with this one.....

I've known Bailey since the 8th grade. She was my "little sister" in cheerleading so we had to give each other bags of candy and make signs for each others' lockers on game days. We were so cool that we even came up with this amazing dance move we did at all of our school dances which involved ending with the splits. (Side note: We tried this dance again last summer and no I can't do the splits anymore.) I have PLENTY of embarrassing photos of Bailey & I, but I won't share those on here!

For those of you who don't know Bailey - you may have seen her as a hashtag on our Facebook page #WeddingsWithBailey! The reason being that Bailey and I shared a common interest throughout school: photography. We worked together on our school newspaper and yearbook and were both editors. In fact, Bailey bought my first professional camera from me since I was a year ahead of her in school. She now owns her own studio in our hometown of Ida, Michigan called B. Artistry Photography by Bailey Setzler (Bailey-you're going to have to change that name next year!) . Bailey invites me along to be her second shooter at weddings and vice versa when Wes can't make some of the ones we have booked locally! Needless to say I love getting to spend more time with Bailey than I normally would because of a shared interest!

You should probably check out her website or like her on Facebook!

Anyway back to the more important thing - Bailey & Jaye's engagement! Now Bailey has been with Jaye for what seems like forever. I honestly don't know how long because I can't remember a time without Jaye being in her life after high school! I remember shooting a wedding with Bailey right after Wes and I got engaged and thinking "I bet Jaye is going to propose soon." Well sure enough here I am at the Christmas in Ida parade and am looking for Bailey's float. I finally see her and make eye contact as she waves her hand in the air at me backwards. It took me a minute and I ran up to her and realized OMG HE FINALLY DID IT! Turns out Jaye had just proposed to her in front of everyone during the pre-parade concert! Unfortunately, I wasn't near the concert to have witnessed it, but there were photos and videos and it was adorable! Aren't these two just perfect?!

One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that Jaye and Bailey both come from farming families. Bailey had planned to go take some photos up in the loft of their barn. It was a little dark up there, but we made it work! Not to mention, they raise lambs and of course Wes had to make friends with one. If only I had a video of that! How sweet is this, though!?

Now I have to admit I am a stickler for a good ring shot. We just so happened to find the most perfect tree with absolutely stunning flowers for Bailey's ring shot. P.S. Nice work, Jaye, on that bling!

So Bailey also had some awesome ideas including old family signs they had....check this one out! Couldn't you imagine this picture above their mantel?

Now our last stop for the day was at a park in Monroe, Michigan. I have to share a funny story because it's kind of a staple thing to do when we go back to Monroe. I promised Wes we would get chili dogs from Monroe's Original Hot Dog's. For those who aren't from Monroe - there are two hot dog stands: Monroe's Original and Vince's. It's kind of just as serious an argument as OSU vs Michigan. You either hate one and love the other or you don't have a preference either way. There is not a single person I know who likes both equally. I grew up loving Monroe's Original and am a devout fan, while Bailey and Jaye grew up with Vince's. We all were planning to go to lunch together and Bailey had told Jaye that we were going to Monroe's Original. So Jaye asked Wes if he ever had Vince's before and tells him how great it is. When we got to the 2nd location for pictures Jaye got out of the truck holding a chili dog! Turns out his brother-in-law had just showed up at their house with a whole box so Jaye brought one for Wes to try. It was purely an amazing coincidence. For those wondering, we ended up going to Vince's for lunch with Bailey & Jaye and we took home some Monroe's Original for dinner. If you're wondering which one Wes preferred- it was still Monroe's, but he would eat Vince's if he had no choice.

This is from the park in Monroe for the last few shots before lunch. I know this isn't in color, but I just love this shot and had to share.

Overall, we had an awesome day spending time with Bailey & Jaye and the weather could not have been more beautiful! These two could not be more perfect for each other and we cannot wait for their summer 2017 wedding! Thanks again for asking us to be there in capturing your 'I Do's', guys! We'll be sure to get you a gift card to Vince's as a wedding gift :) 


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Laura & Wells | Findlay, Ohio Engagement Session After we had to reschedule our original date with these two due to inclement weather (40 degrees and windy YUCK!) we got the PERFECT weather to work in! As photographers we are always worried about our clients being uncomfortable if it's too windy, too cold or too hot. We can add and remove layers as we please during the shoot, but our clients don't have that luxury. They sometimes spend hours picking out the perfect the worst thing that could happen is the weather not cooperate! Luckily, we got a gorgeous sunset that evening as you can see.....

Laura & Wells are probably one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet. Neither of them complained about anything I asked them to do. Even when a spider was crawling near Laura she didn't ask to move somewhere else. Now that's a champion! 

This gorgeous couple was a referral (shoutout to Sammi) so I hadn't actually met them prior to our shoot! By the end of this you wouldn't have even known we were strangers 2 hours prior. Laura & Wells are one of those couples that could literally be friends with anybody and just make you want to be in a more positive mood.  The love they show each other is so refreshing to see in a world full of crazy...just look at how adoringly they look into each others' eyes :)

We went downtown for a while we waited for the sunset to happen and of course got the awkward stares and the "awwww how cute!" quotes from a few random people passing by. These two didn't hesitate and just kept smiling no matter how uncomfortable they were with people staring. Can you say best type of clients EVER?

I also have to give a shout out to Wells....I kind of forgot to ask if either one of them were afraid of heights until after I had posed them on the ledge of the roof. OOPS! Wells powered through the shots and I have to give him mad props for that....I don't think I would've been so good had that been me!

If you've seen our Facebook page you have seen this GORGEOUS ring Laura rocks!

If you haven't checked out our Facebook page you should go see the other previews we posted of Laura & Wells!! Be sure to give us a "like" while you're there so you don't miss their wedding photos in a few months :)

Thanks so much Laura & Wells for being amazing clients and up for anything we asked you to do! We are so pumped for your fall wedding and look forward to capturing your special day!!

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